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North Africa and the Allied Path to Victory

Naval Institute Author of the Year 2015

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Six Victories: North Africa, Malta and the Mediterranean Convoy War November 1942 - March 1942

This work covers the Force K period in the Mediterranean naval war. The book scrutinizes the role of intelligence and considers the interrelationships of maritime traffic--including Britain's Tobruk and Benghazi  convoys and Italy's African coastal convoys-- to the land and air campaigns. The entire work is based on British and Italian primary sources. The detail and balance of Six Victories' examination of this crucial period is unprecedented   

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Listen to interview with Vincent O'Hara. Was D-Day a year too late?

Vincent O'Hara presents an overview of Operation Torch at the Harold C. Deutsch WWII History Roundtable in Minneapolis, October 2017

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The Western Naval Historical Association held its first annual meeting and sponsored the symposium: Expanding Naval History on February 15-16, 2019 at the Veterans Museum, San Diego Balboa Park. It featured the keynote speaker: Rear Admiral James Goldrick (RAN ret). Participants included Michael Whitby, Dr. Sam J. Tangredi, Stephen McLaughlin, Trent Hone, Dr. Bernard Cole, Dr. Cynthia Watson, Vincent O'Hara, Lonnie Gill, Karl Zingheim, Robert Stern, Bruce Taylor and others. Craig Symonds and Mark Fiorey represented the Naval War College, Thomas J. Cutler the Naval Institute and Kevin Sheehan the San Diego Maritime Museum.

Next year's WNHA's annual meeting will be 29 February - 1 March on the USS Midway Museum and will feature Richard Frank as keynote speaker. Details and registration information are available at

brief biography

Vincent P. O’Hara is an independent historian with a specialty in Second World War naval history. He is the author of a dozen books or edited volumes, most recently, Six Victories: North Africa, Malta and the War on Traffic, and Clash of Fleets (with Len Heinz, (2017). He has written extensively about naval warfare in the Mediterranean in works including Six Victories, Torch, Struggle for the Middle Sea (2009) In Passage Perilous (2013) and  Dark Navy and Black Phoenix (both with Enrico Cernuschi). He was assistant editor of World War II at Sea: an encyclopedia (2012) and has contributed to other encyclopedias published by ABC-CLIO. O'Hara has also published articles in many magazines and journals including Naval War College Review, Naval History, Warship, MHQ, Storia MILITARE, World War II, and others.


O’Hara was the Naval  Institute Press author of the year for 2015. He represented the United States at 75th Anniversary ceremonies for Operation Torch held in Algiers and Oran, Algeria in November 2017. He has presented papers or spoken at venues including the Institut National d’Etudes Strategiques, Algiers; the Harold C. Deutsch WWII Round Table, Minneapolis; the USS Midway Museum, San Diego; the U.S. Navy Hampton Roads Museum, Norfolk; the U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Association, San Diego; and the Center for Maghreb Studies, Oran, Algeria.


O’Hara holds a history degree from the University of California, Berkeley and lives in Chula Vista, California.


Naval Institute Press (2004)

An unprecedented history of the German navy's 69 surface actions

Naval Institute Press (2013)

Edited With David Dickson and Richard Worth. Chapters on each of the major navies of World War I written by subject experts. .

Naval Institute Press (2007)

The U.S. Navy's surface combat in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean

Nimble Books (2009)

With Enrico Cernuschi. An important account of the Italian navy and the armistice of September 1943

Naval Institute Press (2009)

Naval  surface combat in the Mediterranean from 1940 through 1945..

Propeller Press (2013)

With Enrico Cernuschi. Unique history of the post-armistice navy of the Italian Republic

Naval Institute Press (2010)

Edited With David Dickson and Richard Worth. the major navies of WW II written by subject experts. .

Indiana Univ Press (2012)

The failed June 1942  effort to resupply Malta. Based on primary Italian and British sources.

Web of Lies

Naval Institute Press (2015)

Prizewinning treatment of World War II's  first major amphibious assault

Naval Institute Press (2017)

With Leonard Heinz. Naval  surface combat in WWI. . Covers every action fought in every ocean using English, German, French, Italian, and Russian sources



OF: Struggle for the Middle Sea


"This is an important work which will be a necessary point of reference for any serious student of the operational history of the Mediterranean sea war. It achieves its goal of reassessing sea battles on the basis of the evidence and not through long standing and unquestioned prejudice."

-Derek G. Law, University. of Strathclyde

OF: US Navy against the Axis


“I strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the Pacific War, and in surface naval combat in the 20th century in general…. For academic purposes the book is a godsend.… I was extremely happy with the book, and heartily recommend it.”

-Dr. Robert M. Farley, University of Kentucky

OF: Torch


“It’s hard to imagine a more complete treatment of Operation Torch. Although not an academic, O’Hara is a formidable scholar who apparently investigated every shred of extant documentation from all belligerents in the campaign. The narrative is probably the most comprehensive treatment of early operations in North Africa during World War II.

-John R. Satterfield: Naval History Foundation

OF: In Passage Perilous


"A very readable account of the convoy battles fought inside the Mediterranean in 1942. Drawing heavily on Italian sources, In  Passage Perilous is carefully researched, objective, balanced and well written. It is likely to become the standard account of the critical phase of the Mediterranean conflict."

-H. P. Willmott, author of The Last Century of Seapower

OF: Clash of  Fleets

Authors O’Hara and Heinz clearly show their scholarship through attention to detail and the book is both an excellent primer for newcomers to the naval history of the First World War and a handy reference for the veteran historian. . . .  It will provide an on-going ready reference for study or occasional dipping into as the mood arises and so is highly recommended.”

-Tim Coyle. Australian Naval Institute

OF: German Fleet at War


"O'Hara did everything right with this book. He picked an interesting, seldom discussed topic. He wrote polished, engaging prose that practically puts the reader on the bridge in the middle of each battle. He packed the book with a heavy dose of hard data, fully documented. He included clean maps, clear graphs, and a solid bibliography. He analyzed the battles and drew conclusions about the whole which transcend each separate action. And he left us looking forward to his next book. Highly recommended.

-Stone & Stone books

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Cover Royal Navy's revenge.gif

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