"In August 1806, startling news arrived at the Court of St. James. Five months before, a Royal Navy squadron had sailed to invade Spain's South American Viceroyality of La Plata. The new Whig government of Lord Grenville had not approved the expedition, but it could do little except wait for more tidings. Then, on September 13, the frigate HMS Narcissus anchored at Plymouth with word that Buenos Aires, La Plata's capital, had fallen! Even better, Narcissus bore more than a million silver Spanish pesos in captured treasure."

--The Battles of Buenos Aires




I have authored or co-authored thirty-nine articles in eleven different publications in three countries. I have also contributed introductions to two of the volumes of the History of United States Operations in World War II by Samuel Eliot Morison. I was also Assistant Editor of World War II at Sea. Santa Barbara, Calif., ABC-CLIO, 2012 and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of World War I Encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, Calif., ABC-CLIO, 2014.


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